Mini reviews of current books on child abuse....

A STOLEN LIFE: A Memoir by Jaycee Dugard, Simon and Schuster 2011
Kidnapped and raped at 11, impregnated at 14, Jaycee Dugard survived 18 years of captivity and molestation by Philip and Nancy Garrido. She gave birth to two daughters while still a young teen, created a learning environments for them even though her own schooling ended at 5th grade, and never gave up hope of being united with her mother and sister. A triumph of the human spirit over unspeakable evil.

TIGER,TIGER: A Memoir by Margaux Fragoso, Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux 20ll
They meet at the neighborhood swimming pool. She is 7. He is 5l. Her mentally ill mother is grateful for the attention lavished on her daughter by the man who becomes playmate, father, and lover (molester). At 7 Margaux is a bright, bubbly, happy child. By the time she is 16 Peter Curran has abused and brain washed her to the point of suicide. This is a haunting story--one that equally repels and fascinates.

STOLEN INNOCENCE by Elissa Wall, Harper Paperback 2008
Having been raised in the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saint Church, Elissa Wall is forced, at age 14, to marry her first cousin whom she loathes. She has dreamed of becoming a nurse and having choices in her life but her entire life is dictated by this sect. In 2007 Elissa was the star witness against Warren Jeffs who was recently sentenced to life in prison for rape of minors and ordering the marriage of underage girls. A shocking look inside the FLDS and its' beliefs and practices.

AGAINST ALL ODDS by Senator Scott Brown 2011. (I loaned this to someone and can't remember the publisher). Senator Brown describes the physical abuse from his stepfather and sexual abuse from a camp counselor that he suffered as a child. It is a story of courage and determination to overcome and to become whole. Lots of sports and politics included!

ASK ME WHY I HURT: The Kids Nobody Wants and the Doctor Who Heals Them by Randy Christensen, M.D. with Rene Denfield. Broadway Books 2011.
Pediatrician Randy Christensen and his medical team roam the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona in a 38 foot Winnebago converted to a mobile doctor's office. With love and compassion they treat abused, homeless, throwaway kids wherever they are. The stories of these children and teens will break your heart. Tears and some laughter guaranteed. Kleenex necessary