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Upcoming Safe Church Training:

New Safe Church DVD’s available for loan

• Childhood Stories- 30 minutes: Adults tell their painful stories of being sexually abused as children. Response to this DVD when I’ve used it in training has been very positive. It generates good discussion.
• Searching for Angela Shelton – 94 minutes: Filmmaker Angela Shelton journeys across the U.S. meeting other Angela Sheltons. She discovers that 24 out of 40 Angela Sheltons have been raped, beaten or molested- 25 if she includes herself. The filmmaker’s father molested her and her step siblings for years. The other Angela Sheltons teach her about forgiveness, faith, and the power of the human spirit.
• Shots Fired on Campus: This DVD teaches realistic strategies for dealing with an active shooter situation.
• Silent Storm: Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking: The Impact on the Workplace An excellent DVD on domestic violence
• Flashpoint: Recognizing and Preventing Violence in the Workplace: This DVD identifies and addresses behaviors which may lead to violence and suggests ways to prevent violence.
• Safe Passage: Strategies and techniques for keeping individuals and groups safe when traveling domestically or internationally. ( If you are planning a mission trip this is a must see.)

Safe Church Policy.pdf
Baby Crib Regulations
Child Abuse Book ReviewsJan., 2010 letter to churches from Jane Odell from Monarch Messenger
Training Model (from November, 2009 monarch Messenger
8.21.09 Letter to Clerks of Session on Required Fingerprinting and Background Checks.pdf
Child and Elder Abuse Resource Contact Information.pdf
Form for Reference Checks.pdf