Are you and your church READY for a Disaster
The Presbytery of San Jose has a Disaster Task Force
  • Our goal is to help all our 45 churches to:
  • Develop a healthy urgency about being/getting prepared for a variety of disaster scenarios.
  • Have plans in place for a variety of possible disasters for our Presbytery and our churches.
  • Encourage our 11,000 members to have personal preparedness plans
Our question to you is:
  • Are you connected with your city’s disaster plans?
  • Will you make your church available as a shelter to your community in case of disaster?
Are you concerned with disaster planning and the need for having good plans in place?
If so, will you please consider joining our Disaster Task Force?
(meets once a month)
Please contact us ASAP: David McCreath, (408)395 0919, rdmccreath@aol.