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Peacemaking Resources

1 Israeli/Palestine Issues
a. The Ramallah Concert – Knowledge Is the Beginning/West-Eastern Divan Orchestra/Daniel Barenboim, Edward Said

Daniel Barenboim: Ramallah Concert features the West-East Divan Orchestra, a collection of musicians from different backgrounds put together in order to promote peace in the Middle East. The video documents a concert they perform in Ramallah. Barenboim leads the group through an interpretation of Beethoven’s fifth symphony. This release also charts the history of the unique group.

2 DVDs 2006 each about 75 minutes #1 is the background and #2 is the actual concert

b. Jerusalem…the East Side Story—Mohammed Alatar

The latest shipment of history is the Israeli occupation. The documentary takes you on a journey exposing Israel’s policy to gain supremacy and hegemony over the city and its inhabitants. It also touches on the future of the city: Jerusalem is the key to peace. The film includes interviews with Palestinian and Israeli leaders, human rights activists and political analysts.

1 DVD 2008 57 minutes

c. The Iron Wall — Mohammed Alatar

Following the 1967 occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, more than 200 settlements and outposts have been build in these territories. This film exposes this phenomenon and follows the timeline, size and population of the settlements. This documentary warns that a contiguous and viable Palestinian state is becoming no longer possible, and that the chances for a peaceful resolution of the conflict are slipping away.

1 DVD 2006 52 minutes

d. Life in Occupied Palestine — Chun Pan

Eyewitness stories and photos Anna Baltzer is a Jewish American and a granddaughter of Holocaust refugees. She has spent most of the past few years in Palestine

1 DVD 2008 59 minutes

e. The Wall … Benny Brunner
Distributed by AFSC Middle East Program
VHS 2003 54 minutes

f. Our Experience in Palestine .. Jim and Linda Hagan
Slides and music of our 2008 trip to Palestine. Jim or Linda is available for personal discussion
1 DVD 2008 15 minutes

g. A Man of Galilee
A story of Father Elias Chacour and the Mar Elias Educational Institution produced by the Pilgrims of Ibillin
1 DVD 22 minutes

h. Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land US Media & the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
A well done documentary covering the media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict produced by the Palestine-Israel Action Committee.

1 DVD 2003 80 minutes

i. The Easiest Targets
If America Knew produced this presentation. The feature is The Israeli policy of strip searching women and children (13 Minutes). Others topics covered in the bonus material AP erases Footage (6 minutes). Gaza after the Disengagement (3 Minutes), Jeffrey Goldberg: Pundit for Israel (4 minutes). Captured Prisoners (29 minutes), and Off the Charts (28 minutes)

1 DVD check their web site:

2. Social Issues

a. Why Walmart Works and why that makes some people crazy … Ron and Robert Galloway
Synopsis: Consumers love a bargain, and their quest to save money has helped build Wal-Mart Stores into the world’s top retailer. Wal-Mart has earned both a legion of supporters and a score of detractors. Through personal stories of associates, tales of Hurricane Katrina and Wal-Mart, fascinating facts about the company, documentary producers Ron and Robert Gallway present a free market look at the world’s largest company

1 DVD 2005 72 minutes

b. Wa*Mart, the high cost of low price … Brave New Films

Synopsis: Everyone has seen Wal-Mart lavish television commercials, but have you ever wonder why Wal-Mart spends so much money convincing you it cares about your family, your community , and even it’s own employee? What is it hiding? The documentary takes you behind the glitz and into the real lives of workers and their families, business owners and their communities.
1 DVD 2005 97 minutes

c. Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism … Robert Greewald

This documentary reveals the secrets of former Fox News producers, reporters, bookers, and writer, who expose what is is like to work for Fox News. Outfoxed examines how media empires, led by Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, have been running a ‘race to the bottom’ in television news
1 DVD 2004 77 minutes

d. Enough for Everyone, Nicaragua 2006 .. Jim and Linda Hagan

This video follows the delegation from the PCUSA Enough for Everyone program and Equal Exchange. Coffee co-ops were visited and the fair trade coffee program was examined. Jim or Linda Hagan is available to provide personal reflections

1 DVD 2006 20 minutes

e. Beyond Our Differences

This documentary provides a tapestry of distinct voices and viewpoints regarding spirituality, woven with one universal expression of hope. By providing such a variety of experiences against the backdrop of rich landscapes and religious images, it is the hope that individual viewers will understand this unified message of hope and will become empowered through their own expressions of faith to impact positive change in their lives and the lives of others. Shown on Bill Moyer Reports.

1 DVD 2008 72 minutes

3. Green Issues

a. The Story of Stuff – all about consumerism, real cost of stuff

1 DVD about 20 minutes

b. Kilowatt Ours – what can be simply done to improve energy usage, decrease impact.

1 DVD Two versions 1 60 minutes and the other 30 minutes