Hunger Advocate Rev. Ryan Althaus

Sweaty Sheep: The Who and What is it… and How can I get involved with it?

Over the past several years Rev. Ryan Althaus has been building a nontraditional ministry in the San Jose Presbytery united by the mission of ’embracing recreation and art in the breakdown of faith, social and economic barriers.’

Sweaty Sheep represents a diverse and growing community in Santa Cruz; however, it is more specifically designed to be an aid to our Presbytery and diverse community partners that provides intentional and interactive alternative (not to mention playful) faith and social justice furthering opportunities. Whether hosting a bible study series on the sailboat, bringing some of our special needs community members for a shared art project and conversation, setting up a workday for your congregation at the farm, providing an invitation to a Tahoe experiential learning retreat (learn more below), etc etc etc… we pray that as the volunteer led ministry continues to expand, Sweaty Sheep can provide formative and fun opportunities for you and your congregation!

Here are a few of the goings on:

  • Feb 1st, 2pm: Workshops on Wheels at Northminster Presbyerian Church
    Following Presbytery Meeting dive in with a quick art project at lunch to introduce our new WORKSHOPS ON WHEELS art initiative!!! You will learn about ways to schedule an awareness-building shared art day at your church, alongside our special needs buddies!
  • Feb 1st, 6pm: Special Needs Valentines Dance at Trinity Presbyterian Church
    See how our congregations are using their resources to truly share love!
  • Feb 9-14th: Recreation & Destigmatization Retreat at Lake Tahoe  – Sign up and learn more at our eventbrite page.
    We are working with Zephyr and the National offices of Mental Illness awareness for the denomination to host an experimental/experiential mental illness and disability awareness retreat! Come out and dive in alongside diverse individuals with our ‘Sweaty Sheep Snowy Sabbatical’ in hopes of helping our community better understand and integrate individuals living with isolating conditions.**Share this with lay leaders and congregations who either want to learn more about mental illness OR have a controlled condition and would like to share their wisdom with the community!**   

As always, learn more on our website and by subscribing to our email list… and feel free to give Ryan’s past sermons a look/listen to see if you would like to host a sweaty sheep Sunday at your church!

See you at Presbytery in February!