Front Door Ministry

In the late 2000s First Presbyterian Church of San Jose began a Front Door program to pack and give away lunches to whomever came asking for food. First Pres. have hungry people coming to the church door on Monday through Wednesday and Friday asking for their bag lunches!
In 2015 they served 29,868 lunches during the year to an average of over 150 people per day, more than double the amount served just three short years ago! They are fortunate to have devoted volunteers who come weekly or when needed to serve their “outdoor friends”.

To make a donation to this important ministry of First Presbyterian Church of San Jose, accounts have been set up at the church and through our Synod of the Pacific for Front Door Ministry.

  • For individual donations, please make checks payable to “First Presbyterian Church of San Jose” with “Front Door Ministry” in the memo part of the check. Mail to: First Presbyterian Church of San Jose, 49 N. First St., San Jose, CA 95112
  • For church donations, please make the check payable to “Synod of the Pacific” and fill out a mission giving form that can be found on the Synod’s website, List the donation to Front Door Ministry as an extra commitment, the number is 22010125. Then mail to the Synod’s lock box at Attn: Mission Treasury Services, PO Box 964, Petaluma, CA 94953-0964.

For more information about Front Door Ministry click the link.

See Karleen in the church office (408) 297-7212 /
or email Martha Beattie, Mission Elder, at